Spank Machavelli

Spank Machavelli – Founder and Creator of Triple X Playground and “The Best Adult Sex Game Ever!”.  Former 30+ year veteran music producer, and sex enthusiast set forth to embark on a mission to create the very best in sexual communication tools in order to take relationships to new heights when it comes to intimacy.  He is committed to building stronger bonds and achieving the highest level of trust with in a couples relationship.

Zab Judah

Zab Judah – The Bad Boy of Boxing, Undisputed Six Time Welter Weight Champion, who has recently received the Life Time Achievement Award at the Oscars 2020 – Brings a sense of humor to the show balancing out the educational pro-quo the other hosts exert.  In addition he brings a wide selection of celebrity guests by way of personal relationships and professional niche.

Dee Dee The Great

Dee Dee The Great – Holds a Degree in psychology from UCLA, and specializes in Sexology.  In addition she is the Author of and instructional book titled “Head Champ”. This beautiful confident woman brings life and zest to the show as she is completely in tune with the here and now when it comes to sexuality and all the fetishes questions and concerns that come with it.

Carmela Clutch

Carmela Clutch – The Adult Entertainer of the bunch is one of the hottest new scarlet in the porn industry. Make no mistake, this woman isn’t just another porn star!  She goes hard! and her grit is paying off at an accelerated rate. Nominated for cam girl of 2020, with many other potential nominees this year, it comes as no surprise that this young diva is on her way to the top. In addition, she is a sex coach for many of her fans.  She bring extensive knowledge on sex, fetishes, sex products and the porn industry.